World Poetry Month Activities

Throughout the month, through different activities we want to emphasize the importance of poetry as a form of artistic and cultural expression that connects us with the world and with ourselves. In addition, for us it is crucial to experience English as a learning vehicle and for this the ability to express feelings is fundamental, since it allows us to expand our linguistic and cultural borders.

We’ve been celebrating the occasion by getting creative with words and exploring the beauty of poetry. These were some of the activities that took place at school. Our Form VI students helped complete a collaborative poem titled “”The Animal in Me,”” where each student contributed a line to create a unique and imaginative piece.

In addition, everyone was encouraged to write their own “”Haiku”” and share them with the entire school. It’s been wonderful to see the variety of themes and styles that everyone came up with – truly inspiring!

Our Form III students also took on the role of poetry ambassadors, teaching the younger Form I students about different types of poems.”